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Je me bats pour des choses importantes. Aidez-moi. Si vous avez des questions : Serge-Carmel Bourget (450) 372-4272 ou

Vidéo du 24-03-15

I did translated with subtitles but I’m not sure it will work.


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MONTREAL – Support has been pouring in for a Quebec woman who was refused her day in court because she was wearing a hijab, including a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $20,000 in its first day.

Rania El-Alloul expressed her gratitude Saturday for the campaign which was set up to raise money to help her buy a car after a judge refused to hear her case to retrieve her seized vehicle last Tuesday.

« I am receiving support from everywhere, because I know I said the truth, » El-Alloul said in a phone interview from her home in Montreal. « The headscarf is my choice and my faith. »

Serge – Yes, Quebecers are brainwashed by humanism, religion of PQ. And it’s absolutely not the reality of the world in which they really live.

Carmel – is it stupid enough! I asked financial support for the same reason, buy me a car… Me, it is not for INSULTS to my faith taht I do, but for my safety because of the many dangers to which I’m facing everyday since I blog the simple truth about Islam. I collected only $10.00 and a donation of 222 euros that I have not yet pull back to Canada because of European banking laws.

I even saw a fundraising campaign collect more than harvest $50,000.00 to treat a sick puppy, so old, that nothing will make it survive more than a few months. It seems to me than the price of a meal at the restaurant or a hockey game, a humorist show, a crate of booze, a pizza, a film, a tank of gas, a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes or much more $10.00 donations would be a valid and defensible, investment?

Millions are paid for more than frivolous causes, so my cause for the truth about the greatest danger Mankind has ever faced. What do – you want… The truth, it shocked and it’s scary to liars. People really have values in the same place as their… Well… With little support I’d be blogging more in English… for the world. Not only Quebec.

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I’m under threats since I post more than 3000 times a day against Islam. I Need financial support to continue. Please take position and support my denunciations of Islam lies. I’m under threats since I post more than 3000 times a day against Islam. I Need financial support to continue. Please take position and support my denunciations of Islam lies.

400x267px Moi dans la nature - Rocher de mon salut Eau vives de ma souce Jésus - copie


I started to read the Koran in 1994 when I designed the first francophone Windows software dedicated to the ancient scriptures (La Bible et les textes anciens, see note) without realising about all of the cruelty of this pseudo-Sacred Book. In fact it is, for 1.2 billion people with many, so-called radical, extremist, fundamentalist or terrorist ranging up to kill laughingly in horrific ways. (Stoning, beheading, immolating by fire)

21 years later, I learned to speak the truth and decided to risk my life to denounce as much as possible all the atrocities and aberrations of this religion. In less than three months, nearly 20,000 people visited my blog and begin to discover its richness. 2% news and 98% depth content and critics analysis of the greatest threat to which will have had to face Mankind.

new2Financement participatif

Je me bats pour des choses importantes. Aidez-moi. Si vous avez des questions : Serge-Carmel Bourget (450) 372-4272 ou

You might have yet guessed that since that precise moment, II’ve been constantly slighted, insulted and threatened. In fact I am under regulars attacks, not only from the radicals of islam, but from all those who are accomplices, and not only by their silence, but by the ideological cowardice that they prouve, such as the naivety and ignorance secularism that, fear being sentenced refuses to take firm position by prohibiting the teaching of the Koran.

They violated my physical integrity and I am now a diminished man was instilled serious ills by all kinds of tricks which I am about to denounce the culprits. I need money, the sinews of war. I have to take measures to protect myself and it cost money Being a pensioner with minimum incomes.

This does not prevent me to be more than productive and efficient, and I get to publish at least one post per day, generally over three pages where, for the most part, the verses that I quote are in French, English and Arabic. I’am currently working on a series of 21 articles that will provide to all those who are to discuss with the lies and the liars of islam rebuttals to all of their arguments. They only have to look for the statements of the arguments on my site, to find what to answer. The first article will be published 06-02-15 and all by mid-March. In French and English and hopefully in Spanish by the end of 20015.

Note (1): La Bible et les textes anciens was a layout of historical and geographical perspective of the Bible and 35 of the most important texts in the history of Mankind, starting with the story of Gilgamesh 5,000-year-old up to the most modern at the time passing by the Torah, the Old and the New Testament, the Koran, the Upanishads the Bardo Thodol, the texts of tantra and Tibetan Buddhism, among others.

Why give money?

Your motives.

They are certainly just as varied that there are beings humans or organization on this earth. But they congregate all under the banner of a same struggle which is the freedom to speak, to write, to draw, to believe and ultimately think. What islam denies to 5.4 billion of us who are non-Muslims.

This fight must be conducted by everyone, of any profession, occupation and allegiance. If we do not start to spend any of the priority required, islam, whose the ultimate project is the establishment of the 6th Caliphate where all would be subject to the Koranic law, Sharia, When surpass in number and we will give choice to convert, pay the jizya for the right to breathe or being purely and simply decapitated.

I therefore propose to choose the 4th option, the only acceptable one for any waking consciousness and is to participate in the fight the most important to humanity has had ever to engage, by donating what you want. A few or hundreds of $ ¢ £ ¥ € ₠ will be the same value of involvement since any gesture in the direction of this fight will lead us to victory for us, our children and our grandchildren.

In my closing, I would like to thank you and ask you to spread the address of my blog as often as possible and in all possible ways, and to convince as many people as possible to join our fight.

Serge Carmel Bourget

Note: [La Bible et les textes anciens.] Cultural and geographical perspective Implementation of the Torah, the Bible, the Gospels, the Koran, the Upanishads (Hindouisim) and Bardo Thödol (Bouddhisme) starting with the flood account of Gulgamesh, the oldest texts of Mankind history (5,000 years) and 28 others of the most beautiful and important writings.


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